God is invisible divine energy who has highest knowledge and highest understanding. God is bound by rule of nature whom we call absolute truth. Absolute truth  never change and it remains constant. God never make any one slave. There is death and birth for every living being but god does not have birth or death. Even universe has birth and death. There are 8.4 million birth and death cycle for every soul. when this cycle finish soul can union with god.(except its bad deeds brings more birth and death) God gave us life to understand and experience life ,his creation and god.  To hurt any one is sin. God is beyond emotions. God is bound  by time. God never want any type of killings of any living being.God want us to live happy by helping each other. Prayers and chanting name of god is way to connect with god.

Absolute Truth

There is birth & death of universe and this cycle never ends.

There is birth and death for every living being.

After 8.4 million birth & death cycle of soul, soul reunions with god.( Except its bad deed brings more  birth and death)

Number of breaths are fixed for our life. We lives until number of  breaths given to us is ends.

God never punish any one but, wrong way of people brings pain in life. God always guide and helps every living being.

God incarnate in human form to guide and help every one.


In Short You can say God is absolute truth which never change and everything is pattern repeats infinite time.