This not only thoughts its my spiritual experience

I experienced god and I was constantly chanting Allah from bottom of my heart. I seen miracles. when I was in need he stopped rain for me and started when I was feeling hot. I got special powers to control traffic,rain,even my each pray was changing bad health of other to good but I realized that I can not judge people so I asked god to brought their power back and it went back. God loves every one whether you hate or love him. Some people have super natural power which they use for making other fool and their selfishness. They have power to give dreams and thoughts to other. My god realization experience says that when you linked with god you can talk with him and you have feeling of unconditional love and caring nature for every living being even for small insects and even for your enemy. My message is if you don’t want to believe in god no problem don’t believe but believe in unconditional love for every living being to make our life heaven and make this earth heaven. And its essence of all religion but its misunderstood by people’s selfish willing. God gave us earth to share it and live happily with each other but we divided earth in rich and poor.

God is invisible divine energy who has highest knowledge and highest understanding. Birth and Death and life is bound by rule of nature whom we call universal truth. Absolute truth never change and it remains constant. God never make any one slave. There is death and birth for every living being but god does not have birth or death. Even universe has birth and death. There are birth and death cycle for every soul. when this cycle finish soul can union with god.(except its bad deeds brings more birth and death) God gave us life to understand and experience life ,his creation and god. To hurt any one is sin. God is beyond emotions. God never want any type of killings of any living being.God want us to live happy by helping each other. Prayers and chanting name of god is way to connect with god.

Universe is infinite recurrsion of energy. Like computer which run code recurrsively until energy is supplied.We might be most understable manifestation of divine energy. So, we can understand our self and our existence.

Universe Truth

There is birth & death of universe and this cycle never ends.

There is birth and death for every living being.

After many birth & death cycle of soul, soul reunions with god.( Except its bad deed brings more birth and death)

Number of breaths are fixed for our life. We lives until number of breaths given to us is ends.

God never punish any one but, wrong way of people brings pain in life. God always guide and helps every living being.

God incarnate in human form to guide and help every one.

In Short You can say God is absolute truth which never change and in nature everything is pattern repeats infinite time.

God can’t be selfish that he ask to be worshipped. He is selfless and want us to love all unconditionally.

Worship of values are important not worship of power.

There is no heaven or hell except our mind or this earth.

God is absolute truth which says to follow sat guna(good quality ) but with time tamo gun(bad quality) come from corruption and at end destruction is happen due to tamo gun(bad quality). Again new cycle begins with sat gun(good quality). These cycles runs infinite time and its part of universal truth. And its rule like physics rule.

ilm/true knowledge (absolute truth)/knowledge of sunya(zero) makes person humble and beliver of unconditional love for all living being even for his enemy. Our aim of life is to understand life. If we get pain we can get learn to be calm and to understand other’s pain. If get happiness then we come to know which happiness is long lasting by comparing it with our other happiness experience. If we become father we come to know fatherhood of god and if become mother then come to know motherhood of god. If get angry then we come to know its painful and it can painful for other. Final Goal is to understand and experience absolute truth/sunya/nirvikalp samadhi which never change. God put us in situation to understand life proper. There is meaning of pain and happiness.

Universe is living being same as human,same as all body parts are one human.

God manifest universe from point and again transform into point. This cycle repeates infinite time. Its like tree manifest from seed. So seed is hidden tree and manifested tree is tree. Universe is manifestation of god. Everything in universe is pattern and organized like rules.

God give us situations to learn from it. For example if some one hurts us we can feel pain and understand a pain which other can have. All situation is to make us to follow unconditional love like god(god has caring nature for all).god is selfless and absolute. Laws are there for all manifestation. Nothing is random. But god is beyond human brain, we can not understand his vastness (like we can not see sun’s vastness by eye,like we have limitation that we can not see bacterial with eye same our brain has limitations to understand vastness of god). he is eternal. We pass through many birth to understand god nature and once we understand god nature (adhyatma) or true knowledge (knowledge of absolute) then there will be end of desire apart from union with god(nirvikalp samadhi/ nirvana/nothingness). Our choices in given situation is creation of karma . This karma brings birth until we gain true knowledge (surrender to god – submission of fruit of karma to god – a unconditional love for all even for enemy – god nature ).

Adam and eve is not physical person. Its part of story that god teach in Koran, in starting Adam and eve were innocent that they don’t know what is cloth. But when they don’t obey god’s instructions they become un-innocent and came to know difference of bad and good. As per “Lao ste” there can not good without bad. So innocentness is beyond bad and good. Because there is no good without bad. If you know what is good and bad, then there is chance to do bad thing. Innocentness is way to heaven. Innocentness is beyond good and bad.

Same way mahivir and Buddha leave cloths because they reach to that innocentness. I don’t mean leave cloths but I mean that innocentness is form of unconditional love.

Best sentence by Lao Tse is “define god in words is not possible as it become duality (no longer truth) because god is beyond words and this duality.”

What I learn is accept all situation of life and accept pain and happy ness as flow of life( but work toward righteousness with compaission ) which bring one to “stit pragna (beyond emotion – extreme satisfaction)”. In other word surrender to god.
Also learned that world/universe is duality. If we describe God in word its duality. Word is itself not capable to express god or god nature. God is infinite eternal. God is beyond human brain. Absolut truth or god is beyond words. If we express absolute truth( god) in words then its duality and its no longer truth.

Our human brain can only understand duality like good-bad,like,dislike,beginning-end,hate-love,etc. While god is beyond duality. What we understand by our organ senses is only duality. We can’t go beyond it. Only way to escape from duality is to reach to highest consciousness/stit pragna/sat-chit-anand. Which can obtain via believing in compassion,kind ness,unconditional love for all living being,forgiveness,satisfaction/no greed,accepting pain and happy ness/tathagat/surrender to god/surrender to nature/by thinking “as your wish god”,non-violence.

There is no hell or heaven physical place. There is no yamraj,chitragupt or any death angel. Its totally missinterpreted. There is one god who is nirgun beyond emotion,beyond human brain,beyond words. Everything which we see and experience is god’s manifestation and everything (nature)is bound by rules. God/Absolute truth(vast and beyond words and beyond human brain) is self exist,never born,never die. He was there,will be there and is there. When we define God by words, it creates duality(Words will not remain truth).God is beyond words. We can only experience god.

duality comes when Allah manifest like good and bad. But Allah is beyond duality.

We can not imagine nothingness with physics/maths/science. We can’t imagine seed without space and beyond space. So our brain has limitations.

We are bound by rules. If we follow right path then miracles can happen. We are bound by rules until we become selfless

God is beyond space and time and all powerful. Miracles can happen if we follow rules. God is external entity apart from its manifestation as universe.

Good-bad,love-hate,friend-enemy,happy-sad,greed-satisfaction,etc all duality is manifestation of god. It will remain continue until this creation not die. After its death it will again created. God is only oneness who is beyond duality and not definable and beyond our understanding. As per Lao Tse “existence does not have name we can’t define it with words”. sufies says same thing. Our final destination is eternal peace – a god – a heaven.

So I learn, live life good way (with gain good and true knowledge – creation and creator)with love and best efforts towards righteous ness as per god’s will.

When we love unconditionally every living being without hate and care then and then enlightenment come. First of all distrubute your wealth and leave greed and live in satisfaction, its only way to enlightenment.

When we reach to highest consciousness, we realize god.

What we give others(good or bad) it return to us.

No one get self-realization by following man made rules. Its come from bottom of heart. No one get nirvana unless his/her desire ends. God gave life to understand its meaning. God gives situation to learn and experience sonhood/daughterhood,fatherhood,motherhood,childhood,love,hate,sadness,happyness,pain,pleasure,good,bad,creation and finally god/nirvana/nothingness(beyond duality). Whole universe is manifestation of god. I believe any practice done without heart is meaningless. And without any practice one can get nirvana just understanding life. Life is not pain unless you are not on right path of kindness,unconditional love,forgiveness,compassion. Everyone has to pass various phase of life from first birth to last. God can get by thirst of truth or thirst of god.

There is only one religion that is unconditional love for all living being,no greed,no rich,no poor, kindness,compaission,humanity. Apart from this,all religions are falsihood. There is no god than one divine(parmatma/Allah/rab/waheguru), who all powerful(no one powerful then him in whole existence and beyond existence) ,who is not duality, who is beyond space and time,who is beyond brain. He loves all kind and unkind heart. He guides all toward right path. Our wrong way is cause of problem(another way of saying “He punish those who are against religion and punishment is itself mercy to protect us from more trouble .(to teach right path)”.Our final destination is to understand god and to understand unconditional love and to understand creation. God gives situation to learn from it ,others pain and to learn life’s meaning.

Surrender to god for whatever situation he gives and accept situation and do righteous then god definitely protect. God want us love unconditionally to all living being(animals,birds,etc all creatures)(irrespective of human cast,race,religion,gender) even enemy. But do righteous(oppose wrong in sense of non-violence and guide other with right thing).

Sacrifice means accept unfavorable situation and give away desire for good righteous thing(not by any killing).

There is no hell or heaven apart from this earth or state of mind.

Enjoying life with kindness,love,compassion,non-violence,without greed and without judging other is not wrong. There is nothing wrong to enjoy truth via music and song. There is nothing wrong to express feeling with music and song and art. No one can get nirvana without heart’s desire. To know meaning of life each one has to pass through various phases of life like father,mother,daughter,son,understanding of creation,etc. When one know meaning of life ,one can achieve nirvana.

Plz believe in unconditional love and help needy as much you can.
Waiting for New world of peace,no greed,no rich,no poor,no ministry,no king,no slave,no leaders,autonomous,religion of humanity(without any name of religion and without any religious leader or authority except formless god himself),unconditional love,kindness,compaission.

There is no jinn or ghost or black magic but,some people has supernatural power which they miss use.

10 Avatar and Mohmad is last messenger and hell or heaven is any physical place is completely wrong and falsihood.

Removal of ego and unconditional love is way to reach to god.

I believe in god who is stay in kind heart. Who don’t need worship to help. Who just want kind hearts. I am not against the worship of god but it should come from heart without any greed – just to love god or to improve self or ask for help.

It hurts to see “greedy people” and “spreader of hater” and “religious leader”. Specially religious leader who say thierself enlighten and supports wealth. And they are just reader of scripture with custom rigid meaning. And to support their ego they can do anything. Religious Scriptures are on wrong hands. One word is true religion which is “love”. It hurts to see people who are machine in economy dominated life. Its hurts see people who don’t have basic need. It does not have meaning that who wrote scripture to prove and take pride of own religion. Its fight of ego. Because only ego can fight not love. Bottom line is unconditional love. Majority people’s god is selfish and greedy like them because he need worship to fullfil thier greed and need fight to protect his religion. They created thier custom gods/god to fight. And they establish authority of thier gods/god. Its hurts lot.

No Jesus/imam/prophet will come and bring to heaven. There is no heaven or hell apart from state of mind or physical place. Jesus told kingdom of god is in kind heart. Unconditional love can save.

There is no devil/Satan or angels apart from human.

Brahma,Vishnu,Mahesh or any demigod are does not exist apart from one god – who is formless,beyond Brain. Believeing in Brahma,Vishnu,Mahesh or any Demigod is falsehood. Brahma,Visnu and Mahesh/Shiva/Bhairava or other demigod does not exist as physical but they are only symbols (metaphor) in scripture.

True religion is love and it does not require name or any religious leader. God is one who’s teaching is love.

To love greedy or bad people does not mean to accept them and not oppose them but, to guide them by opposing their bad thing in non-violence manner.
I and my father is one means the state of Jesus reached to highest consciousness that he felt he were union with god(a highest consciousness of universe). God is hidden in us until we don’t realize that hidden and union with him. But, its also fact that god is manifestation of everything and he is also act as individual entity(highest consciousness of existence)

No human can become god but, can union with god(reach to highest consciousness of existence) and can have godliness feeling(care for all living being) like Jesus. That time “Aham bhramasmee” and “I and father is same” become true.

Cast system is miss interpretation. Brahmin,Kshatriya,Sudra,Vaisya is state of mind not any labor system. Its hidden meaning only spiritually realize can interpret. Kurukshetra not physical war but its phycological war between soul and body. Sri Krishna is not any physical person but metaphor of supreme soul. king and people,labor are system of greedy people who want to control whole world. Now their control goes out of control. Unfortunately people are blind and so greedy that they are not able to see poor labor’s pain and machine like situation. And who are labor because of other’s greed. God gave one earth which is divided in rich and poor,cast,race,religion by king’s desire of power and greed. When people try to love saint than king, then world will move to age of love and peace. Love for king shows hidden desire of power and greed of people. There is no king required to govern anything. Birds does not need any king to govern. They just believe in love not greed(they don’t store anything) and also believe in god(that one god who is not selfish to ask for worship but selfless and that god ask to be selfless)

God gives situation to understand it in right direction. And our action decide our path,karma and life. Role is not given of villain but our path(free will) decide.

Nothing is impossible with god(who is one formless and selfless. Who is highest consciousness of existence). If one believe in love then miracles definitely happens. Let surrender to god and let him to manage without interfere.

It does not make sense that who am I, where are I born,whether I have money,whether I am rich or poor. Only make sense that I love god and god love me, which achieved by forgiveness,unconditional love for all living being and doing righteous.

Sakshi bhav means watcher – a highest consciousness of self who sees all action of self and improves self. Watcher sees things happening around and do not involve in it and let it run.

Tathagat,surrender to god and “stit pragna” is same meaning of different word. It says ” accept pain and pleasure as will of existence” with gratitude and understand it and do righteous.

Stit pragna is state of mind where person is beyond good and bad

Only caring nature remain this state. Person does not involve his mind in anything around him in this state. In this state person remain connected with consciousness of existence (god)

Allah is selfless support by statement “Allahu Akbar”. Means god is great. Great means who is not selfish,who think for other,who loves unconditionally,who don’t need worship to help,whoes wrath is mercy because without wrath person’s wrong way very harmful for her/his self than Allah’s wrath. Ibn-al-arbi says Allah’s wrath is also mercy.

True beautiful is not judge by mind whether its beautiful or not.

Family does not sustain unless there is commitment.

Whole universe and its component is made up of three thing – energy,matter and consciousness. Single atom has energy which hold electron with neutron via attractive force. This attractive force is know attraction via its consciousness. Same sun has consciousness which knows how to attract plant and orbit it. Human has consciousness. But for human consciousness divided into highest consciousness of mind,unconsciousness of mind and subconsciousness of mind. This is as per vigyan bhairavi. When we reach to highest consciousness that will connect us with consciousness of existence (god). Only human can experience consciousness of existence not any other living being or non living being. God is absolute one(divine energy with highest consciousness of existence and highest knowledge and highest understanding) but energy,consciousness and matter is his manifestation. He is beyond brain.

When person unions with god(consciousness of existence), he become detached mind (a manas) and self existence desolves in god(drop becomes ocean by desloving in it). If this state remain continue then it called samadhi(eternal peace – union with sunya )

Mind or consciousness are interconnected with each other in whole universe. There are good forces (human having magical power) present and negative forces(human have magical power) also present in this universe. But, those are also manifestation of god.

Meaning of Deva means divine one like various saints.

Seven heaven is symbol of seven consciousness of mind. There no physical heaven or hell. Hell is restlessness of mind

God is beyond nature(pakriti). He is not bound by nature and quality of nature.(Bhagawad Gita Chapter 13 verse 15)

God can be known by himself no one else. Who know god,he say god is not known yet. God is beyond brain. God can not describe in words. Whatever we describe in word is not perfect truth as its under context of our brain. God can be experienced but that experience itself say god is unknowable.

Highest consciousness – a state of Shiva of mind – turiya state of mind – can only obtain by unconditional love. Till state of before turiya is possible by dharana by yoga but, highest consciousness state of person where person connect with consciousness of existence is obtain only by selflessness.

When person unions with god(consciousness of existence), he become detached mind (a manas) and self existence desolves in god(drop becomes ocean by desloving in it). If this state remain continue then it called samadhi(eternal peace – union with sunya )

Mahavira says that go beyond raga-dwesha(like-dislike). Means beyond duality of life – a acceptances of life as it is. Means tathagat. Means surrender to god. Beyond human emotions a experience of godliness. God is beyond human emotions. Understanding of God’s manifestation of human emotions is require before to reach beyond duality.

Shiva is not any physical demi God but, its symbol or metaphors of highest consciousness of existence.

Nirvana Shatakam by Adi sankra

I am neither the mind, nor the intelligence, nor the ego, nor the reflection of the inner self, I am not the organs of hearing, taste, smell, or vision, I am not the sky, earth, fire or air, I am the ever pure blissful consciousness; I am auspicious, I am Shiva. I am not the vital breath, nor the five vital airs, I am not the seven essential elements (of the body), nor the five sheaths (of the body), I am not the organ of speech, touch, movement, procreation or elimination, I am the ever pure blissful consciousness; I am auspicious, I am Shiva.

I have no hatred, no dislike, no attachment, greed or infatuation, I have no pride, or envy, or jealousy, I am not bound by righteousness, wealth, desire or liberation, I am the ever pure blissful consciousness; I am auspicious, I am Shiva. I am not bound by merits or sins, nor by happiness or sorrow, nor am I bound by sacred hymns or sacred places, sacred scriptures or rituals, I am neither enjoyment, nor an object to be enjoyed, nor the enjoyer, I am the ever pure blissful consciousness; I am auspicious, I am Shiva. I am not bound by death or fear of it, nor by the rules of birth, caste and its distinctions, I have no father or mother, I have no birth, I have no relations, no friends, no guru, or disciple, I am the ever pure blissful consciousness; I am auspicious, I am Shiva. I am all pervasive, and without any attributes or form, I am not attached to the world or to liberation, I am everywhere, everything, every time, I am the ever pure blissful consciousness; I am auspicious, I am Shiva.

Above Nirvana Shatakam by Adi sankra says that when person reach to highest consciousness of mind like Adi sankra then he union with Shiva(highest consciousness of existance) and his self no more exist and he become Shiva – a highest consciousness.

One can become Jesus,Mohmad,Kabir,Nanak,Mahavira,Buddha,Sufi(rumi,attar,sanai,bayzid,ibn-arbi,Bulleh Shah,etc),Lao Tze,Moses,Shiva state of mind, etc various true saint by following unconditional love.

Sufies like Attar,Sanai,Rumi,Bazid,Bulleh Shah ‘s teaching is true Islam and true interpretation of Koran.

God is selfless that means he does not have ego. When ego of person disolves(ego less) by becoming selfless, he can connect and union with god.

God knows that what is end of our choice. But, He gives action part as Free will. For example Jesus was knowing that he would be killed because it was predecide because Jesus was driven by god not by any individual personality. But, for normal person has free will which will decide that what next. As God knows each thing(living or non living). So, He knows that what person will do next base of person’s choice. God knows present future and past but some variable.

God gives situation is consider as destiny.

Situation like birth we can’t fix. But its due to our old karma. So if our old karma are good then next situation is good and more choices.

So, situation given by god is pre-decided destiny.

“To kill anyone for survive is not right.

Two ways:

Whether surrender to god/existence or believe in self survival. If you believe in surrender then existence has plan for you and its right way. If you believe in survival then no one can help you. To protect self self(or do righteous thing) in non-violence way without killing is right but to kill other is wrong. Example is Jesus,Buddha,Mahavir.

Great example is Buddha and Mahavira. Who were protected by god. Our true nature is to believe in non-violence. Surrender to god means accept situation and trust god to have his plan. Great example is Jesus(whom god brought to life from death). If you are believeing to kill other for protection means you don’t have trust on god. We have a no rights to kill any one. To experience god, one has to selfless means non-violence and to love your enemy but do righteous.

Tathagat means as it is. You can live in as it is when you accept your current situation. And when you surrender to god means you accept your current situation as it is as god’s will. But do efforts towards righteous.

At highest consciousness of mind. Mind connects with consciousness of existence. Which is beyond bad and good. Which is beyond human emotions but only caring nature remains. In this state of mind, everything running around can be seen but, can not involve self in it. At this state, mind only sees that everything running around is because of natures rules and no involvement of self. At this state of mind, experience of eternal peace experienced. And at this state of mind ,it feeled that mind is driven by god. And at this state of mind, person goes beyond good and bad, beyond friend and enemy. At this state, there is no friend nor enemy. Others are seen as running by nature’s rules.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.”
(Sahih Bukhari 50:894)

Here paradise means eternal peace blissfull state of mind

To know Allah means understanding life and life’s meaning and union with Allah, to reach highest consciousness.

A doer of good may meet evil fortune As long as the good Has yet to mature. But when the good has matured, The doer of good Will meet with good fortune.

– dhampad verse 120.

This means when we understand good and bad and take our free will toward good in all condition then good fortune comes to us. And doing good in all pleasure or pain situation (or say in another way surrender to god) mean maturity of good. Then we meet good fortune. God gives situation to learn its meaning and understand it with learning wisdom toward good quality.

Holy spirit means highest consciousness of person or comic consciousness (who govern universe/mind of universe) which guide one toward right path. Difference between consciousness of universe and consciousness of existence(god) is consciousness of universe is manifestation of consciousness of existence. Counciousness of existence (god) is beyond human brain and not knowable secret.

I feel this economy dominated life is meaningless. Where person live like slave. I feel life should like free bird. I feel life should have free resource to learn and live. Only people should contribute their volunteership to help other. Life without economy. Then there is no worries for future. Life where allow to managed by god. And We just live life enjoy life and do good and help as volunteer. Labour each day depend on economy for their food. This earth is unbalanced by human controlling act on earth. Development is meaningless. Its in wrong direction. I am looking for new kind of civilization where people volunteer for help and support. And everything should be free. Now government does not control things and up coming time is full of disasters. I am not against enjoyment of life in right direction. God gives life to understand it,experience it and enjoy it in right direction. I hope new world of love,free resource and peace come soon

What is meaning of life?

Life is given to understand it by experience it – relations(fatherhood,motherhood,brother hood,husband,wife,friend,etc to understand it – it need also opposite like enemy) – its refection of god’s attribute, emotions(love-hate,care-careless,etc) – its reflection of god’s attribute, to understand creation, at end to understand experience of beyond of non duality(beyond good and bad, beyond love and hate – acception of all without complain – beyond emotion of “no favor and no bad for other ” – a state where description can not express it – complete surrender to god’s will – selflessness(no self ,no ego ,care)- eternal peace – no desire only acception of god’s will – moksha/nirvana/sunya – only desire to union with god – sat sit anand( pure bliss full highest consciousness state (state of Shiva – a highest consciousness of existence).

Life is journey to enjoy it in right direction with acquire of true knowledge. Even highest consciousness state of person is sat chit anand( pure blissfull (enjoyment of it) state of consciousness)).

I mentioned god’s attribute is reflected in us. But, god’s essence is beyond duality (beyond brain – not expressable) and its last state in last birth of person. In other word we can experience god’s essence in highest consciousness state (sat chit anand)

No one get nirvana until that one experience life in right direction.

Think of a world, where there is art, maths, science, natural way of life, true knowledge, volunteers to teach and helps, no economy, free food – cloths – education, no leaders, self sufficient for all thing, love, peace, freedom to live life without boundness of economy.

Why we need authority of god in man, no need, god knows each and everyone and give situation and help to learn. Why we need name for religion. No name require. Humanity and human values are itself religion. Search by self the God and truth. And its journey of life to know and understand truth. No one can reach to God without efforts and thirst of truth.

Zohar/kaballah says same as my spiritual experiences of God/self realization.

God is unknowable secret(consciousness of existence) . Jesus is manifested version of God with his message. Holy Ghost can be our soul or universal consciousness which is also manifestation of God

My experience say God is beyond emotion. He see everything but not involve in it to change. He guide and let us to decide (freewill). He let it run. He involves when person becomes selfless. He does just duty with care. Care itself to guide via messenger. I experienced the state of beyond emotion where I felt peace and care even for who hates me. Where there is no attachment but, love of care. I think its last stage where there is no desire but duty. Duty in sence care. And last is samadhi where we leave body and union with God where no I ness.

There is special tribe who have magical powers to read mind, talk with mind, control other’s mind and give dreams, control nature some extent. Now a days such people lead as leader. But, they are not God. Some are good among them and some are bad among them. God’s power is superpower they can’t change destiny. There is no gin, ghost, etc but some people who have magical powers and they misuse it.

Whatever attributes are said about God is with respect to his manifestation. Actually God who is unmanifested or void is hidden secret which can not describe or express by words. God is no define able by brain.

Shiv is formless consciousness of universe not formful physical demi God. Shiv is metaphor not physical existed as person. Reference is Adishankracharya and kashmiri shivism. Shiv does not need worship nor want worship. He is selfless and helps non-believer also. God is unmanifested, undescribe able consciousness of existence(which is hidden) and God is beyond brain and is secret which undefine able. When God manifest into shiv/consciousness and shakti, universe comes into existence. Media show worshiping shiv gives benifit in greed is wrong. God wants us to live in right path. Rest of stories are falsihood and misinterpretation.

Devta/Dev means who are devine. How can devine being live in material life. They live devine life – a life with selflessness. There is no heaven or hell physical place apart from this earth or state of mind. These devta/dev is human who live devine life. And Asura/evil being is also human not any other species.

All religious scriptures says God is unborn, unmanifested, hidden secret, self exist, void, emptiness, nothingness which is beyond brain, beyond space and time,beyond language, not knowable who is thous/he/she. We can only understand his manifestation and experience him some low level by higher consciousness. God is selfless does not need worship nor want. He helps every one even non-believer. Unfortunately Koran, Bible, Bhagwad Gita, Bhuddist Scripture, Jain Scripture, Torah,etc other scripture misinterpreted. I am not seeing any difference in all these scripture. Those does not believe humanity as religion are Antichrist. No one come to save any one except his/her human values.

Many Jesus came in form of Mahavir, Buddha,Nanak,Sufies,Kabir,etc many unamed and message was same humanity not business of religion. Message was life of Christ a unconditional love for all living being including enemy. Message was kindness,compassion,forgiveness,etc. Even Jesus wanted no poor and no rich no wealth. He taught that poor and kind heart only can enter in kingdom of God because kind heart is itself kingdom of God. If He wish he could become king of wealth to rule like other but he choose kingdom of heart a love.

We need society who belive in values not in miracles. Worship of values are important not worship of power.

Negative Emotions like Jealousy, hatred, greed,fear,ego etc cause of desire of power to control everything. And desire of power and control is cause of hell. We are part of nature not different. We can not control everything. Best way to live is to accept situation with whatever pleasure and pain in path of righteousness (including opposing wrong with non-violence). Concept of sacrifices is right not survival because destiny is not only decide by our action but with God’s will or past karma. Right way of life can convert pain into pleasure. And its only way to freedom.

God is Sunyata/Empty ness/Void is in context that He is not definable and beyond language or expression,beyond emotions,beyond space-time, unmanifested/avyakta

Accept everything with just doing righteous (with non-violence) without expectation in return. No any desire. These all make person God alike selfless. And person no more under barrier of human (beyond Good-bad ) because person can be human till have good desire when desires end no more self but starting of God.

We can build good system or society via not only one Jesus/Mahavir/Budha/etc messager but via multiple version of them. We need Jesus/Mahavir/Buddha/etc messenger in us to build great society where every one happy. I am not saying that don’t desire good but my saying is that we need saint in us not king which make society best for all where no greed at all. Selfless service to all from all without leaders with true teaching.

Religion which ask for money is falsihood. Selflessness is only religion. Why religious leader need money. They can help and teach greedlessness and help as per possibility. True religion does not support money,religious building and religious leader. True religion does not support difference or rich and poor. but teaches humanity and selflessness. True religion support shared earth as per need and selfless service for each other by trusting God (consciousness of existence). Religion which teach king,slave,religious place, religious leader, rich and poor is falsihood.

Saint are not those who worship 24 hour but are those who help other selflessly. The concept of sainthood by some human authority are falsihood.

Art,science,maths,etc which is not harmful to other is creativity and it is part of life to understand life and its meaning. But it should for learning thing not for sale but for share with others.

Desire of power arise when there is lack of peace. If God ask what you want my answer is peace. If we have peace and love then and then we can give it to other like Buddha,Mahavir,Jesus Christ,sufies,etc messengers. Trust your karma/good will or God.

When this sense world is illusion then what is difference to be king or fakir. If magician can play with sense then God(inconceivable void) can definately. King is slave of desires and fakir is king without desire. Accept situation and accept life and enjoy the way it gives pain or pleasure. Pain gives understanding of other’s pain. Do good whatever one can. Follow responsibility as can.

God never come in form of king because God is against rich,poor,wealth,slave. God did not divide earth in rich and poor. God comes in saint form as selfless.

There is no devta/maha dev. This is all falsihood just business of religion. Devta means divine who is selfless not want worship nor need. Divine being never judge people on worship. Only person can be devta or asure. It depends only quality of person. There are no formful gods like Mahadev/shiv/Ganesh/Devi-devta exist. These all misinterpretion of scripture and used for business of religion. God never fullfill your greed or help when you wrong. So believe in one God who is formless beyond Space-time. Who never want worship or need. God is selfless and love us unconditionally. God guides us toward right path. God want us to follow humanity and help needy and live happily with each other. If you don’t believe in God then believe in Karma. All named religions are wrong. Only humanity is religion. Rest named religion are made by man.

Leader is just need to awake people. Leader is not leader because he/she want to lead. Most important thing is people should awake to their duty and that is enough. Leader is just for awaken not to establish institute where post of leader establish. God is managing world not by institutes but guide all to do duty where all contribute.

Teach people that power is useless until people believe in human values(unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, non-violence, selfless service, satisfaction,self sacrifice for others betterment, no to greed/lust/jealousy/survival .). Worship of values are important not power. Because values makes power useful otherwise it cause destruction without values. And destruction are happening in world. God is powerful but God gave choice to run world as autonomous. True power lies in selflessness and sacrifice.

Message of humanity is important not messenger.

Consciousness( law) and energy are work together to manifest universe. When energy stills it units with consciousness and becomes inconceivable void(mystic law) a original source of both. Because absence of consciousness(law) we can not conceive what is it. And void is source of space and time so we can not conceive it because we can not understand/imagine without space. In sense existence everything is programmed by laws and law works in sequence not parallel. We can not identify it serial because our senses can not understand very tiny time difference of action. And if manifestation is itself infinite/or some finite recurrision of manifestation then we will have infinite/some finite system with infinite/some finite knowledge base per system

All formful demigod with used name shiv, ganesh, krishna, ram, devi-devta, etc are man made they don’t exist(its miss interpretation). They are metaphor in scripture not physical formfull God. Shiv is metaphor of consciousness. Ram/krishna is metaphor of supreme soul. God is only one formless beyond space and time, beyond brain and God does not need worship nor want worship. Rest is falsihood.

Buddha’s word is against greedy God who wants worship. God/mystic law is inconceivable void does not need worship nor want but want only humanity as only religion. Rest named religion are man made falsihood and rituals. Only human values can save us. Don’t believe in ism just believe in humanity and experience truth via experience like Buddha did. We are human not ism. I think all labels of religion should be removed and only humanity should our identity not ism. Life is journey to learn wisdom from it via pain and pleasure. Let help each other and experience truth our efforts but first step is unconditional love like Buddha. Scripture says God/Tao/Waheguru/Paramatma/Allah/Mystic law is one beyond space and time, who is inconceivable void – formless one – selfless/ does not need worship nor want worship – only wants humanity(good quality like unconditional love for all living beings, non-violence, oppose wrong, share truth, help each other without any difference via sharing earth, no to greed, satisfaction, forgiveness, selflessness, kindness, compassion, no to anger, self sacrifice for others betterment not survival, do good to get good) as only religion to learn truth/wisdom from life via understanding pain – pleasure. Life itself learning itself via love via fatherhood, motherhood, friend hood, etc at last detached unconditional love. First step to know God is unconditional love for all living beings. Religion does not have name.

Books for reference
Vigyan bhairavi tantra by satyanand Saraswati
God talks with Arjuna by Sri Sri Paramhanse Yogananda(Bhagwad Gita)
Rajyog and Gnan yog by swami vivekanand
Tatwa bodh by adisankra
Avduth Gita
Astavakra Gita
Patanjali Yogsutra by satyananda Sarasvati
Upanisad by eknath
Shiv sutra
Shiv sahita
Kasmiri shaivism trika philosophy
Tao te ching
Tibetan and Zen Buddhism (by lama anagarika govinda and Suzuki, osho)
Kabir dohe
Bulleh Shah peotry
Rumi collection (sufi path of love a spiritual learning by chittick)
Sufies by osho(Attar/Sanai/Bayzid)

Some osho’s books like tao Upanisad, zen, Upanisad, patanjali yogsutra, commentary on bible scripture, etc (I am not agree with sex related topic with osho’s commentry)

st francis of assisi commentary

Could we have free world where all resources are free,no boundary,no wealth only required necessity,no government but community where people volunteer for education,help,and selfless service – who do not want to part into volunteer are free to live, no ministry no leaders(religious or political) no military but shared scripture to get help for answer and sharing knowledge, human values, art and science which is not harmful to living being. If birds can live that way then why can’t we.

God/mystic law is there to manage world. Let mystic law decide. I think human intervention is problem. Let kill mentality which says control everything/everyone. Truth is let nature(human as part of nature) flow freely with its law. We just need to follow our duty. Thief is cause of rich and poor. Let all free. Let all live life and understand meaning of life via experiencing freely.

We should help each other via sharing earth with each other without any difference(no rich,no poor). We should consider humanity as only religion and end labels of religion. And this is only message of God. Only human values like unconditional love for all living beings can save us.

Second coming of jesus christ is within not physical.

Find yourself about God/existence via searching by self efforts(reading almost all scripture/contemplating on life). And first step is unconditional love for all living beings.

Date:16 May 2020

My life is miracles. I am waiting for new world where there is peace, unconditional love for all living being,no rich,no poor,no king,no slave,no leader(religious or political) ,no killing,compassion,kindness,no greed,no wealth. I felt that this world will not sustain more than 2 years. There will be mass natural disasters, there will be no government no economy, there will be fear and at end whole world be drown. Be ready. Only human values like unconditional love for all living being can save. No survival concept will work.

No single temple or religious place will stand its on/ nor will sustain. We don’t need it. We need human values not religious place.

I want to live like bird. Free from planning, free from boundaries of economy and borders, hut, farms, forest, river, mountains, selfless service, love, world as belong to all no boundaries. A beautiful world.