This not only thoughts its my spiritual experience

I experienced god and I was constantly chanting Allah from bottom of my heart. I seen miracles. when I was in need he stopped rain for me and started when I was feeling hot. I got special powers to control traffic,rain,even my each pray was changing bad health of other to good but I realized that I can not judge people so I asked god to brought their power back and it went back. God loves every one whether you hate or love him. Some people have super natural power which they use for making other fool and their selfishness. They have power to give dreams and thoughts to other. My god realization experience says that when you linked with god you can talk with him and you have feeling of unconditional love and caring nature for every living being even for small insects and even for your enemy. My message is if you don’t want to believe in god no problem don’t believe but believe in unconditional love for every living being to make our life heaven and make this earth heaven. And its essence of all religion but its misunderstood by people’s selfish willing. God gave us earth to share it and live happily with each other but we divided earth in rich and poor.

God is invisible divine energy who has highest knowledge and highest understanding. God is bound by rule of nature whom we call absolute truth. Absolute truth  never change and it remains constant. God never make any one slave. There is death and birth for every living being but god does not have birth or death. Even universe has birth and death. There are 8.4 million birth and death cycle for every soul. when this cycle finish soul can union with god.(except its bad deeds brings more birth and death) God gave us life to understand and experience life ,his creation and god.  To hurt any one is sin. God is beyond emotions. God is bound  by time. God never want any type of killings of any living being.God want us to live happy by helping each other. Prayers and chanting name of god is way to connect with god.

Absolute Truth

There is birth & death of universe and this cycle never ends.

There is birth and death for every living being.

After 8.4 million birth & death cycle of soul, soul reunions with god.( Except its bad deed brings more  birth and death)

Number of breaths are fixed for our life. We lives until number of  breaths given to us is ends.

God never punish any one but, wrong way of people brings pain in life. God always guide and helps every living being.

God incarnate in human form to guide and help every one.


In Short You can say God is absolute truth which never change and everything is pattern repeats infinite time.


God can’t be selfish that he ask to be worshipped. He is selfless and want us to love all unconditionally.

Worship of values are important not worship of power.

There is no heaven or hell except our mind or this earth.

God is absolute truth which says to follow sat guna(good quality ) but with time tamo gun(bad quality) come from corruption and at end destruction is happen due to tamo gun(bad quality). Again new cycle begins with sat gun(good quality). These cycles runs infinite time and its part of absolute truth. And its rule like physics rule.

ilm/true knowledge (absolute truth)/knowledge of sunya(zero) makes person humble and beliver of unconditional love for all living being even for his enemy. Our aim of life is to understand life. If we get pain we can get learn to be calm and to understand other’s pain. If get happiness then we come to know which happiness is long lasting by comparing it with our other  happiness experience. If we become father we come to know fatherhood of god and if become mother then come to know motherhood of god. If get angry then we come to know its painful and it can painful for other. Final Goal is to understand and experience absolute truth/sunya/nirvikalp samadhi which never change. God put us in situation to understand life proper. There meaning of pain and happiness.

God is living being as a universe same as all body parts are one human. And he is individual one same as one human is one identity though whole body parts make one human.

God manifest universe from point and again transform into point. This cycle repeates infinite time. You can say god is manifestation and as same time point. Its like tree manifest from seed. So seed is hidden tree and manifested tree is tree. God is manifestation of universe and same time seed of manifestation. Everything is pattern and organized like rules.